Big Event Team’s show

Recently Studio 25 Productions was involved in the Big Event Team’s show in Newnan, Georgia. Here is the video we produced for the Big Team Event!
Be warned…its not your average bridal show!!

Farah & Arshad Indian Wedding

In September, Studio 25 Productions had the privileged of doing the videography for Farah & Arshad. It was simply spectacular how much detail was put into this wedding! (more…)

St. Maarten Corporate Event

This year has been a busy year for Studio 25 with all the corporate events and corporate trainings we have had the opportunity to shoot. In May we were asked to shoot a corporate event in the Carribean on the beautiful island of St. Maarten, USVI.


Aqua Recycle Training Videos

Aqua Recycle had equipment all over the country that had simple things that needed to be done to fix small things. Problem: people needed to SEE what to do rather than hear. They needed a way to do these in a more cost effective way than traveling across the country to do a 5 minute fix. Who did they call…Studio 25 Productions. Aqua Recycle has state of the art water recycling technology to help recycle wastewater helping companies in the hospitality and healthcare industry. Creating videos saved them time and travel expenses.

Through corporate training videos a consistent message can be delivered accurately each time without wondering if a trainer forgot a section or didn’t explain a topic thoroughly. Training staff takes time, man power and most importantly, money and usually requires a current staff member to do the training. Eliminate those extra unnecessary costs and know that your training video will deliver the same message accurately, effectively and within a timely manner every time.

Victoria Belle Mansion

Looking for the perfect country wedding that will fit your budget and where you will receive the highest quality service? Just down I-85, outside Atlanta, Georgia is beautiful Victoria Belle Mansion. Located in Hogansville, Georgia, this historic mansion built in 1897 is equipped to suit any of your wedding needs whether you are looking for an outdoor country wedding or an indoor chic wedding, Victoria Belle Mansion has what you are looking for. Victoria Belle Mansion is able to accommodate any part of your wedding you can think of from ceremonies, receptions, rehearsal dinners, bridesmaids’ luncheons, wedding, etc. Studio 25 Productions was asked to come for a tasting and to shoot the property and after one afternoon at Victoria Belle Mansion we were ready to come back. The staff there, as well as the atmosphere lets you know what southern hospitality is all about. Luckily, we get to come back this spring to shoot a wedding there and we are definitely looking forward to it!  if you are looking for the perfect country wedding be sure to put them on your “to call” list as a venue.




Elite Events Bridal Show

Whether you are putting the final touches on your wedding or just got engaged and have just started the process of putting your dream wedding together, (more…)

Beautiful Bride Cover Shoot

On the set for the cover shoot for the Beautiful Bride!  Great fun!

Jessica & Mark’s Wedding Day

One of our favs for sure!! Shot Jessica’s sisters wedding a few years back so it was like getting together with family when we shot this wedding!

We posted their Love Story earlier, but this is the highlight of their ceremony!Their Reception was at the Hazelhurst House in McDonough Georgia. What a beautiful place!

Ronnie & Marie

We shot this a while back but wanted to repost it! We totally enjoyed this family. (more…)

Georgia Bone and Joint

When Georgia Bone and Joint needed some professional corporate commercials they turned to Studio 25 Productions based in Fayetteville, GA, just south of Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia Bone and Joint needed a couple corporate commercials that would complement the quality service they provide and their attention to detail with their clients. After spending a few days with these extraordinary doctors, helped me realize why people continually refer others to them. They have two locations to serve their clients in Newnan, Georgia as well as Peachtree City, Georgia.

Like we produced for Georgia Bone and Joint, if your small business or corporation is looking for a commercial, corporate training video, or any other video that will help your business succeed be sure to contact Studio 25 Productions today.

Ortho Atlanta

Shot an ad for Ortho Atlanta. Amazing group of doctors. One of the docs is an awesome photographer and decorates his office with sports photography! You can learn to use a camera but not everyone has the eye he does!!



Ortho Atlanta from Studio 25 Productions on Vimeo.

Delta Tech OPS!


Just finished an ad for Delta Tech OPS! Spent the day shooting and then working with their marketing department, we created this ad!



Nadia & Damien

We shot this great wedding a while back! Both families were so fun and loving that it was a marriage made in heaven!!

We had shot her friends wedding 9 years ago, who was also at the wedding. I had no idea it had been that long! Everyone had a great time and they looked amazing at the Biltmore in Atlanta with all their Pairs decorations. This is one of my fav weddings for the year!


Ken Adams ~ Crossroads Baptist Church

One of the best speakers I’ve shot using a teleprompter! I joke and say he should do this as a living but HE DOES! lol He’s a pastor at Crossroads in Newnan and not only a good speaker but a great pastor as well!


Best Immigration Attorney in Atlanta!

We just finished the videos for Karen Weinstock Immigration Lawyers! These people are top notch! They know what needs to be done and work hard to do it!

Kendra & Alex

Kendra and Alex were married last year and just thought I’d post the video of them getting ready! They were such a great couple, and the wedding was fun because they had amazing families!


Conference Events

Sometimes you have an event where there are many speakers. Not everyone can be there and you want them to hear what is being said. We can live stream and they can join in real time or for those who came, for review later!

Delta TechOps

Delta TechOps had an event for the employees and this is just an example of what it looked like!

Ken Adams – Crossroads Church Newnan

Ken Adams at Crossroads Church in Newnan Georgia

Chelsea and Shawn’s Highlight

Shawn & Chelsea’s wedding was so much fun!! I think you can tell by the video!!