Chris Owen’s video

Creating Celebration of Life videos is such an honor! Especially when it is someone I  know personally.

Todd Rehm and Newt Gingrich

Had an opportunity to record an interview with Todd Rehm and Newt Gingrich. I love these interviews because many who wont hear what they’re saying can with video. I love to do anything that shares information.

Video Business Cards

One of the things Studio 25 Productions do is Video Business Cards. Attach this video to a QR code, put it on the back of your business card, and the recipient will remember who you were!

Alveda King & Ginger Howard

Had a chance to catch up with Alveda King and Ginger Howard and did a promo for their upcoming book called ‘Color Blind’.  This is going to be a great book that I suspect will be a best seller!

Krystal & Nate

Sometimes we shoot a wedding and it seems like we are part of the family! And what a family it is!! Such great people makes for a great event!!


Parker Madliak

A tragic accident brought this project to us. Parker was walking along a dark road late at night. Another student hit him. They went back to see what they had hit, but Parker was thrown far enough they could not see him in the dark. This piece was ordered by the judge to honor Parker’s life and to send a message to others the danger of texting and driving. So heart breaking! But an honor to help this family.