Farah & Arshad Indian Wedding

In September, Studio 25 Productions had the privileged of doing the videography for Farah & Arshad. It was simply spectacular how much detail was put into this wedding! (more…)

St. Maarten Corporate Event

This year has been a busy year for Studio 25 with all the corporate events and corporate trainings we have had the opportunity to shoot. In May we were asked to shoot a corporate event in the Carribean on the beautiful island of St. Maarten, USVI.


Great finish to a great year

Studio 25 Productions had the privilege of being the videographers for the wedding of two Marines to end our year. It was truly an amazing experience to be in the company of our countries bravest making a video of their special day. What makes this even better is the bride and groom are Marines but their fathers both were in the Military, not to mention most of their closest friends. This wedding video is almost complete and so keep checking back to see it when it goes live.

One reason you need to check back for this video is when one of the soldiers in his uniform was holding his two young children and then softly kisses his little girl. Just loved it!

J. Andrews Bridal – Peachtree City, GA

One of the many things Studio 25 Productions can do on top of weddings is corporate videos like an ad for your business. This ad was created for a local business in Peachtree City, Georgia called J. Andrews Bridal just in time for prom season. Not only do they specialize in wedding dresses they specialize in fitting you to the right dress for any occasion. So if you are in the market for a dress J. Andrews will find the right dress to fit your needs and located just south of Atlanta, Georgia.

So if your small business or corporation needs an ad, corporate training video or any other video idea to help your business be sure to contact Studio 25 Productions today.

Ken Adams ~ Crossroads Baptist Church

One of the best speakers I’ve shot using a teleprompter! I joke and say he should do this as a living but HE DOES! lol He’s a pastor at Crossroads in Newnan and not only a good speaker but a great pastor as well!

Ken Adams ~ Crossroads Baptist Church from Studio 25 Productions on Vimeo.

Best Immigration Attorney in Atlanta!

We just finished the videos for Karen Weinstock Immigration Lawyers! These people are top notch! They know what needs to be done and work hard to do it!

Conference Events

Sometimes you have an event where there are many speakers. Not everyone can be there and you want them to hear what is being said. We can live stream and they can join in real time or for those who came, for review later!



Conference Trailer from Studio 25 Productions on Vimeo.