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Carol & James

When we were planning for our wedding, my fiancé and I set a budget – which soon began to expand as we realized how expensive getting married could be. We decided where we could cut costs by considering what was most important to us.

The invitations or the videographer?

More decorations or the photographer?

Fortunately some things were discounted for us because we had friends who could provide us the services we needed. Or at least so we thought!

Although we did get an incredible deal on a wedding planner, florist and decorator, our experience with our photographer was much less than what we expected.

Everything was late, and I do mean EVERYTHING! From the arrival on the wedding day, to the posting of the pictures online, to receiving out photos, and last but not least, our coffee table photo book. We did not receive our photos until a year and a half after the wedding, and our coffee table book arrived about two weeks before our second anniversary.

Despite the fact that the photographer took incredible pictures, not having anything to show after paying a good deal of money (even with the discount) was frustrating and left us disappointed and enraged. If we had to do it all over again, we would have shelled out an additional $1000 or $1500 to get great photos in a more timely manner. Dealing with a family friend as a vendor can be difficult because you have a history with that person, and it is hard to be demanding and threaten to sue for the services not rendered or completed.

Your pictures and video are probably THE most important services for your wedding day. My advice: don’t skimp. Also, make sure you hire a photographer and videographer who do weddings as a full time business. People who have other full time jobs will typically not be as seasoned and may forget to include important photos or footage you want.

Find the best in the industry and make the sacrifice to pay for excellence! We had a superb experience with Jan Horne and Studio 25 Productions – she exceeded our expectations and we definitely got what we paid for!!
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